Drones are the flavour of the modern digital world. By the day, more and more companies come up with their designs and specifications for the flying machines. Since the competition to sell is so high in the current age, there are drones for many different price ranges. As such, you need only widen your search to find a drone within your budget.

In the UK, you will come across several decent quality drones in under £200. They may not have all the features of the pricey drones, but still, their specifications and manoeuvrability leave nothing to desire. We bring you the best drones under a £200 budget that you can purchase in the UK. These machines differ in ability, characteristics, and design. So, make your choice with the Wex Photographic Voucher Code for a product with the right price.

Parrot Mambo

The Mambo of Parrot is a budget drone that gives a beginner a marvellous flying experience. It has stable hovering capability through its protective sensors, which ensure you do not accidentally crash it to the ground. The best features of the drone are:

● Size: The Mambo is a part of the Parrot minidrone series. It has a compact size which makes it stable and easy to handle for the beginner as well as advanced pilots.

● Auto-pilot Mode: You can set the Mambo on auto-pilot to stay in the air on its own. It will help you survey your surroundings from the air without having to worry about keeping it its stability and altitude.

● Sensors: The Mambo has sonar sensors at its bottom surface to keep it afloat. Its camera makes for decent quality images. The incorporation of First Person View goggles makes for even more enjoyable flight experiences.

● Damage Limitation: The cut-out feature of the Mambo shuts its motors down in case of an accidental impact during flight. It gives even more value to your investment in the drone.

The flight time of the Mambo is average at best. It is due to the small size of the drone, which only allows for tiny batteries. Regardless, its price of less than £100 through the Wex Photographic Voucher Code makes it one of the best drones in the UK.

Hubsan H501S X4

Hubsan has several beginner-friendly drones, one of which is the H501S X4 model. It has quite a few specifications that wow the pilot mid-flight. The appearance of the drone itself is the tip of the iceberg for its strengths. Some of the best features of the Hubsan H501S X4 are:

● Camera: The H501S X4 takes crisp images and videos for review. But for the best results, you need a bright environment. It does not make for the best of photos in low lighting.

● Stability: One of the best selling points of the H501S X4 is its manoeuvrability. Flying the drone is a piece of cake for beginners and professionals alike. You will not have to tackle any jitters with the drone during flights.

● Flight Time: The H501S X4 gives you a good twenty minutes before a drop in power. It is one of the best flight times for a drone in under £200.

● Safety Standard: The H501S X4 has seamless takeoff and landing sequences. There will be no accidental crashes while you take the drone for a spin.

You can get the white version of the Hubsan H501S X4 in less than £200. Given its features, it is one of the best drone investments you can make in the UK.

Nikko Air Race Vision 220

The Nikko Air Race Vision 220 is one of the favourites of the Drone Racing League. It gives a different vibe to the whole flying experience. You need not get the drone for racing purposes only. It works just as well for casual flying both indoors and outdoors. The Air Race Vision 220 comes with:

● FPV Flying: The Air Race Vision 220 package comes with goggles for a First Person View flying. It is a rarity for drones under £200 to offer that with the machine instead of as an add-on.

● Versatile Controller: The controller that comes with the Air Race Vision 220 has multiple control options for the drone. You can interchange between them without a loss in manoeuvrability.

● Stability: Air Race Vision 220 has more than one flight modes that let you control the drone in different ways. You get to perform feats at high speeds without a hitch.

● Speed: The Air Race Vision 220 can go over twenty-five miles an hour. It is worth taking it to the maximum for the thrill.

The Nikko Air Race Vision 220 is a bargain if you are looking for a drone under £200 in the UK. You get an even better deal through the Wex Photographic Voucher Code.

Potensic F181DH

The quad-blade Potensic F181DH makes for an enjoyable machine for teenagers and adults alike. It can get you fascinating views from the air, even at high speeds. The Potensic F181DH is best for:

● Stability: The design of the quadcopter blades, as well as its small size, make it easy to manoeuvre. You will experience no loss of control while performing flips and tricks.

● FPV Flying: The Potensic F181DH comes with a real-time First Person View through its camera on the controller screen. Its camera quality leaves nothing to be desired.

● Speed Control: The speed variation of the Potensic F181DH is a gradual acceleration or deceleration. It is different from the step-wise ascend or descend of other drones, giving you more control.

The beginner-friendly Potensic F181DH is one of the best drones around in the UK that is available in under £200.


When you choose to buy one of the drones in under £200 in the UK, you may have to sacrifice one or more of its qualities. But, with the Wex Photographic Voucher Code, you can get the drone at a reasonable price across the UK.

Q & A

Is there a voucher for other Wex items? The Wex Photographic Voucher Code pertains to items related to photography, which includes drones.

Which drone specs are the most important? The drone specs that the community values most are its size, manoeuvrability, flight time, and camera standards.

Do I get FPV goggles or VR headset within the drone package? Not all drones come with the FPV goggles or VR headset. Some companies offer them as an add-on that you can purchase.

Which drone should I buy for the best specs? Each drone varies in its speciality. For example, the Parrot Mambo is highly stable, while Nikko Air Race 220 is quite fast. You should consider your essentials for a drone before buying one.

What if my drone has a defect? You will have to check the warranty of the machine and contact the respective company about the matter.